happy hour: spiked shirley

i grew up on shirley temples.  whenever my family would go out to a nice restaurant, my sister and i would order them.  hannah (my sis) never liked the cherry garnish, so i would get two!

now, shirley temples would probably be a little too sweet for my palate (with the sugary lemon-lime soda and lots of grenadine), but there's something so fun about them!  that's why i was delighted when my friend (and one of my yoga teachers) introduced me to her grown-up version of this childhood favorite of mine. 

picture credit {here}

spiked shirley

1-2 shots cherry vodka over ice
topped with club soda
splash of grenadine
garnish with a cherry (or a lime wedge)

the effervescence of the club gives the effect of sprite without the sweetness or calories, and the splash of grenadine adds just enough sweetness....and pinkness....to the drink.  the cherry vodka (obviously) enhances the cherry flavor.  just perfect : )

this girly drink is completely fun, and (bonus) any bartender can easily make it!  (or, of course, you can concoct it yourself.)

have a fantastic weekend.  cheers!.