how to beat the business blues

truth be told, i was having some bouts of the business blues in early january.

you know that out-of-sorts feeling that you get sometimes when nothing's really wrong, but it just feels like something's off.

well, for no particular reason, i was experiencing the business blues -- perhaps because things (naturally) got a little quieter over the holiday season...

in any case, once the biz blues set in, they can be hard to shake.  they rattle your confidence, make you questions your decisions, and make you wonder if the things you're working on are truly worth it.

the business blues can be a slippery slope and before you know it, you can find yourself defaulting to pessimism rather than optimism.  no good!

but don't worry, if you ever experience the biz blues, rest assured there is a cure!

FIRST - remember why you do the work you do.

this is essential.  when the business blues set in, it's often because we've lost perspective of the "bigger picture" -- that driving force behind the work we do.  so, first and foremost, take a few minutes to recall and perhaps jot down why you are committed to changing the world in your own unique way.  what does it provide others?  and, what does it offer you?

SECOND - make friends with the idea of success.

sometimes, we unknowingly self-sabotage because we hold certain beliefs about money or success.  if you ever get the biz blues & question whether or not you are truly worthy of abundance & success read this piece about Why Success Is Yogic.  it'll remind you that you are worthy of every good thing that comes your way so that you can start focusing on the good!

THIRD - look to others' wisdom.

business blues tend to arise when we feel isolated and try to do too much on our own.  and sometimes, the very thing we need is some guidance from people who have walked the path.  instead of further isolating yourself, allow yourself to be inspired and motivated by what others have accomplished.  and remember, the very fact that they did it means that you can too!

FOURTH - set an intention for your business.

if you're feeling bluesy and stuck-in-a-rut, set an intention for your business' future.  instead of letting your emotions sabotage you, hold an intention of what you're trying to do, create or build, and return to it whenever you feel the biz blues trying to derail your good work.  plus, when you have an intention, goal or project that you're working on, you'll be able to focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about the past, future or whatever else is making you melancholy!


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