how to celebrate (the end of) summer

it's hard to believe that we're almost 2 weeks into august.  this summer has flown by, and now we're just over a month away from fall.  (my personal favorite season.)  but before we bid summer adieu, i think it's important to soak up every last bit of sun, surf & sand.

do this: stop by a local road side stand or farmers' market to enjoy the season's bounty.  fresh berries and fruit.  juicy tomatoes, zucchinis and peppers.  stock up while they last : )

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eat this: ice cream.  the other day, craig, my sis (hannah), olive (our dog-baby) and i stopped at our favorite local ice cream place.  dilly's.  i ordered my "usual" - small (soft-serve) vanilla in a cone with rainbow sprinkles.  it tasted like my childhood.

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wear this: sunglasses! chic sunglasses are a must for summer (well, really a "must" year-round, i guess.)  i often treat myself to a new pair each season.  they needn't be expensive - they just have to be stylish!  if you haven't indulged in a new pair, be certain to pick up some with built-in uv protection.

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try this: slim calm sexy yoga.  there are still a few good beach weeks left, so if you have yet to start your summer workout regimen, don't fret.  better late than never!  even just the idea of getting fit will make you feel more bikini-confident.

enjoy (what's left of) the dog days of summer.  any end-of-summer plans???.