how to structure a successful marketing launch for your yoga business

when i ran my first launch for my online course, 2 Hours to Yoga Biz, i was flying by the seat of my yoga pants. sure, i had done some research and even signed-up for other people's launches to see what worked and what didn't, but even that didn't totally prepare me to for all the to-dos that are involved with crafting a successful (and fun!) launch.

now that i've gotten a few more under my belt, i've refined my strategy and learned from my early mistakes, and today i want to share my launching process with you.

if you're interested in learning more about launching or are thinking about running a marketing launch for one of your upcoming yoga offerings, like an online training or in-person workshop, you're going to gobble up today's video.

have you ever run a launch before?

in the comments below, share your best tip or biggest woops :-)