i {heart} the great pumpkin

linus waiting for great pumpkin
"it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown" is on tonight at 8pm (eastern) on abc.  i just love it.  it seriously is not "halloween" without watching the great pumpkin.  i know, i know, i'm 24 and should probably not have a phone alarm set to remind me to watch tonight.  but i can't help it.  honestly, i'm (possibly) addicted to nostalgia.  i love traditions and anything that gives me that warm, fuzzy, fall/winter/holiday feeling. 

my plans for tonight?  (no, i'm not going to sit in a pumpkin patch waiting for the "great pumpkin" to arrive...)  i'm planning on:  pjs.  fire in the fireplace.  hot chocolate.  great pumpkin.  perfection.

good grief!

so, what "makes" your halloween?