I Made $12,600 While On Vacation, Here’s How...

I really like it when other successful women entrepreneurs are completely transparent about their businesses, so, with that in mind, I wanted to share with you what it really took for me to bring in over $12,000 while on vacation last month.

Oh, and just so you know, I did this without complicated sales funnels or complex email marketing campaigns. It simply involved sending a handful of personal emails and a few phone conversations. That’s it!

To give you a bit more context, this weeklong vacation took place the end of last month, and I did do a little bit of work while on vacation -- for maybe a total of 5 hours, if that.

But, bringing in 5-figures while enjoying the beach, going out to dinner with my husband and relaxing with my family, wasn’t just “luck”, it happened for a reason. There was plan behind it, and because of that, it means that you can replicate results like this for yourself.

Here’s a look at what it REALLY took to bring in $12,600 while on vacation:

:: If you want money to flow to you -- even while on vacation -- you have to plant the seeds for it! I sent out a handful of personal emails inviting women into my 1x1 coaching program before I left. They said “Yes!”, and their payments arrived while I was away. (Nothing like waking up to $$$ in your inbox!)

:: In order to enroll your high-end programs (like my 4-month True Clarity Coaching), you have to make yourself available. Most potential clients need to speak with you in-person and get their questions answered before saying “Yes!” to handing over $1000s. To accommodate one potential client’s schedule, we arranged to have a quick chat during my vacation. And, in those 20min I made $6,500. Totally worth it!

:: Before I ever open up my 1x1 offers to my entire list, I personally invite specific women into the program. I let them know why I think the program would be an especially good fit for them and their business, and I share my genuine enthusiasm for the possibility of working together. Both of the women who said “Yes!” & sent me $$$ while I was vacationing, received personal emails from me.

:: Give people a reason to sign-up NOW. Add in juicy bonuses (that expire), have enrollment deadlines, let people know when/if you’ll be offering it again (and if the price is going up next time), and let them know if space is limited. I always set deadlines for saying “Yes!”. If decisions drag on too long they get uncomfortable for everybody. I want to know if a potential client is a yes or no ASAP so that we can both move forward, whether or not that means working together right now.

:: When you maintain a Mindset of Success, amazing things happen -- like making over $12K while sitting on the beach :-) If you take nothing else away from this post, I hope you hear this -- You are WORTHY of success! You are worthy of all the good things that are coming to you. BELIEVE in yourself and let them in!

:: Click here to get swipe copy of the exact email I used to bring in over $6,000 in just 4 days which enabled me reach this milestone of making 5-figures while sitting on the beach :-)

I hope all these tips are helpful, and if there is any other insight or advice that would be useful to you, please reach out via email and let me know. 

I’m happy to share whatever I can to make your next vacation a money-making endeavor!