i want a bar cart (i.e. a classy excuse to make cocktails on mondays...)

bar cart from restoration hardware

so, as i've mentioned before, my heart & soul ache for the 1940s.  simpler times.  classier times.  i love the way they dressed back then.  the music.  the lifestyle.  it just all seems so fabulously wonderful yet effortless.  this love (or should i say obsession...) has led me to the conclusion that i need a bar cart.  yes.  you heard me right.  a bar cart.  if i can't go back in time to the 40s, i'll bring a little bit of the 40s to the 21st century.  (and some cocktails too...check out my french martini recipe below.  you're welcome : ) 

another one from restoration hardware

watch any old movie, and you'll notice that upon entering a home, apartment, office or just about any place for that matter, they bee-line for the liquor.  of course, it's much more refined than that because the spirits are not kept in some shady kitchen cabinet or in the freezer behind the veggie burgers and ice cream.  they're displayed (artfully) on a bar cart.  and having the goods out & in view, on the aforementioned bar cart, signals guests that they are welcome, at any moment, whether it be noon or midnight, to help themselves to their drink of choice.

so, yeah.  i need a bar cart.  mine would definitely need to have st. germain (elderflower liqueur - my new favorite!) and grey goose.  and i'd keep some jack in stock for craig : )

what would be on your bar cart?

another charmer from southern accents

...delicious inspiration... 
try the french martini : )

1.5 oz st. germain liqueur
1.5 oz grey goose vodka
squeeze of fresh lemon
garnish with lemon peel twist

1. rim a cocktail glass with super-fine sugar.
2. shake liquors & fresh lemon in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
3. strain into the prepared cocktail glass.
4. top with champagne and add garnish.