i'm leaving on a jet plane...

craig and i are flying to california tomorrow evening for 4 days of pure fun. we’re heading out to the golden state with college friends…to visit another college friend who’s living in LA. undoubtedly, we’ll have an awesome time. you see, we did “beach vaca ’08” with this rowdy bunch (of a cappella singers from my college singing group), and let’s just say there’s a group of middle-aged beach goers who may or may not still believe we’re a bowling team from allentown, texas.

welcome to LA

ok, so back to cali. having never been to the land of milk and honey (let’s see how many cali nicknames i can come up with…), i don’t really know what to expect…especially from LA. as with all truly great trips, i’m a lot more focused on who i’m going to see than what we’ll actually be doing. but, as a responsible and organized traveler, i decided to take a peek at what lies on the west coast that we just might want to check out while we’re there. (suggestions welcome.)

1. the infamous HOLLYWOOD sign
2. rodeo drive
3. venice beach (lots of tan, shiny people)
4. hollywood boulevard
5. santa monica promenade

picture credit {here}

but everybody knows about those…so here are a few others that seem a bit more locals-only. they’re always the best because they give you a real sense of the place : ) so, perhaps we’ll also hit-up…

6. the huntington library botanical gardens
7. luna park for awesome s’mores (and cocktails)
8. the mural conservancy for a tour of the city’s murals
9. joan’s on third’s gourmet market 

picture credit {here}

sounds fun, right? i’m so excited! oh, and we’ve already been invited to a hopping shin-dig. saturday night, we’re all dressing up and heading out to a jersey shore themed party that’s being hosted by another kid we all went to college with who also happens to have relocated to LA since graduating. small world. funny how we’re going all the way to LA to attend a “jersey shore” party when we live just 10 minutes from nj..