just breathe...

please keep in mind that i am not - by any stretch of the imagination - a certified yoga instructor : )  but, yoga is about practice, not perfection, right?

sun salutation.  feet grounded at top of your mat.  toes spread.  hands in namaste.  inhale as you raise arms.  exhale as you dive forward.  inhale to a flat back.  exhale place palms on mat.  inhale as you step back to plank pose (top of a push up).  exhale as you bend your arms (chaturanga).  inhale to upward facing dog.  exhale back to down dog.  inhale as you step your feet to your hands.  exhale fold in towards legs.  inhale to flat back.  exhale collapse.  inhale as you circle arms up to the sky.  exhale hands to namaste.

(p.s. do you like the today show playing in the background?  lol).