last beach weekend

this past weekend craig & i took our good friends (cate & chad) up on their offer to enjoy a final beach weekend at chad’s parents’ beach house.

we headed down early saturday – and after a bit of traffic – arrived in seaville (outside of ocean city, nj) around 11am.

after a quick change into bathing suits, we headed to the beach.  we spent the afternoon enjoying some sun, sand and delicious sandwiches cate had prepared.  turkey, tomato, baby greens and cheddar on whole grain bread smeared with mayo & grainy mustard.  sandwiches on the beach always taste great, but this one was particularly good.  and, we even had the privilege of watching an ocean-front wedding ceremony when we first arrived!

saturday evening found us back at the house for grilled turkey burgers and a garden-fresh salad.  after a few vodka cocktails, card games and a few rounds of “never have I ever…” ensued.  fun and very college-esque : )

sunday morning, we played tennis.  boys vs. girls.  cate and i are sad to report we lost our one set match 8-6…

early afternoon, we headed to downtown ocean city for lunch at a quaint sidewalk café.  we laughed as we placed our orders, realizing that both cate & i and both guys ordered the same things.

cate and i opted for the veggie-bomb sandwich on pumpernickel bread.  the sandwich was overwhelming huge…and delicious.  homemade bread piled high with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed greens, sprouts and avocado.  finished off with a bit of pesto mayo and provolone cheese.  omg.  amazing.  the guys opted for grilled chicken quesadillas, which did not disappoint, either.
the veggie bomb : )

after lunch, a long walk down the board walk reminded me of childhood summers.  the cool ocean breeze masked the hotness of the sun, and we had fun people watching before wrapping up our day.

once back at the house, craig and i quickly packed up, hoping to beat the impending rain which was threatening to slow our drive.  despite our best efforts, the rain won, and we slowly made our way back home.

it was almost fitting that our glorious (last) beach weekend was washed away by cold rain, reminding us that summer’s drawing to a close. 
craig & me

but…summer’s not over quite yet…i have my bachelorette extravaganza next weekend!!!  and i cannot wait!

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