legend of sleepy hollow

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i'm sure most of you know the legend of sleepy hollow by washington irving.  the tale of school teacher, ichabod crane, and his ghostly encounter with the mysterious headless horseman.  but did you know that sleepy hollow is a real place?  and the legend may be based on real people and events?  how do i know so much about this you may ask?  well, my ancestors (the van cortlandts) lived in the very area of new york where the legend hails from.  and the story says ichabod falls in love with katrina van tassel.  van tassel...van cortlandt...coincidence?  perhaps.

legend of sleepy hollow
anyway, i've been intrigued by this haunting tale ever since i was little and with halloween less than a week away, i figured it was a fun time to share some "spooky" trivia.

the great jack o'lantern blaze at van cortlandt manor

so, do you have any haunted history to share?