lovely blogs

so, i am officially a blog award recipient.  a big thank you to rach over at "how fickle is woman" (one of my daily reads).  her blog is great (and so is she), and i'm totally honored that she thought of me with this award!

in order to accept it, i have pass it on to 10 other lovely blogs that i adore.  hmmm....let me think...only ten??  here are my honorees : )
natalie @ miss social
ok, i know this is probably against "lovely blog award" protocol, but i would also like to acknowledge rach's blog.  i always love reading about her (mis)adventures!  (and rach, i won't hold you to the "pass along to 10 others" rule.  don't worry!)
thanks again for the "one lovely blog award" and congrats to all my lovely recipients : )