Make the Most of Fall

Fall is my favorite season. I love the changing leaves, the crisp breezes and fires in the fireplace. Fall signals the end of summer - and outdoor living. That is why it's always a good idea to do a bit of fall freshening inside your home so that you truly enjoy your time indoors this season.

Bring the outdoors in. Add fresh fall-colored flowers, branches of autumn leaves or even small pumpkins or gourds to your indoor space to brighten it up. Natural elements bring life into rooms.

Add lighting. With the daylight hours diminishing, be certain that you have adequate lighting for all your daily activities. Relying too much on overhead lighting can make a room cold and impersonal. To really cozy-up your space, bring in lamps with 40-60 watt bulbs - perfect for fireside reading...

Dress your windows. With the weather turning colder, think about bringing in some longer, heavier drapes to replace summery curtains or to cover "naked" windows. Not only will drapes add drama and personality to your space, they also serve to insulate and keep cold drafts at bay.

Organize and de-clutter. In fall and winter we spend much more time indoors so it's really important to keep your home organized and running smoothly to prevent unnecessary stress on you and your loved ones. Take a weekend to tackle some small organizational projects (the junk drawer, closet or desk). I guarantee you'll feel much more relaxed afterwards!

Add new accessories. Try switching around some of your artwork, buy new throw pillows or put a favorite collection on display in a new location. Small changes can make a space feel new again, so you won't mind spending more time indoors!

I hope these suggestions have inspired you to look at your home and make some fun changes this season!

Happy Fall : )

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