muttinis {guest post}

Hello, Mavens!

My name is Alice, and when Cailen announced that she was looking for cocktail-themed guest posts, she had me at the word “cocktail.”  I don’t have a blog of my own (yet), but Cailen was gracious enough to let me try my hand at blogging on hers. So here we go…

How to Make a Muttini (moo-tini)

One of my favorite summertime drinks is a nice cold Muttini: a simple cocktail that’s really easy to make but tastes delicious and looks pretty (it’s pink)!

So…what the heck is a Muttini, you ask?

Muttinis were my maternal grandmother’s signature cocktail. My grandparents didn’t drink often, but when they were served a variation of this drink at a church friend’s party (back in the late 60’s / early 70’s when “sours” were the libation of choice), my grandmother liked them so much she asked for the recipe. She started to serve these cocktails at her own gatherings, and (here comes your “a-ha” moment) since my family calls my grandmother “Muttie,” the drinks soon became known as “Muttinis”.

Isn’t this a great picture of my grandparents? Those lovebirds were married for 67 years!

To make a Muttini, all you need is a can of frozen lemonade (pink or regular) and scotch. (I know - I was a little wary myself, but trust me, it’s delicious)!

All you do is pour the can of lemonade into a blender, then use the can to add 1 can of scotch and 1 can of water, add some ice and let the blender do its job. (Or if your blender is broken like mine, you can mix everything in a pitcher, but be sure to add a lot of ice or it might taste too sweet). Serve over ice, add a cherry to make it fancy and voila! You have a Muttini.

I served my Muttini in a super-classy martini glass.

My Mom tells me that because Muttie rarely drank liquor, she was very sensitive to it. Whenever she drank Muttinis she would get a silly grin on her face and say, “I can feel it in my fingers” – and that’s when you knew she was happy-happy.

This is one of the original glasses Muttie always used to serve Muttinis in – it has etchings all around the inside of the silver band.

Muttie was a loving, happy and humorous lady – she loved to laugh and tell us silly stories, and she made everything fun. Unfortunately by the time I was of age to enjoy a Muttini with her, Alzheimer’s had taken away her vibrant personality, and she passed away last year.

When my family and I came home after Muttie’s funeral, my dad made a batch of Muttinis as we sat in the living room. After a long weekend of tears and goodbyes, it was nice to just relax, enjoy each other's company, tell silly Muttie stories and share a lot of laughs - just like Muttie would have wanted.

Let’s all make a batch of Muttinis and celebrate the wonderful women in our lives – past & present.



Special thanks to my Mom, Aunt & Uncles for sharing their Muttini knowledge. (You can check out my Aunt’s blog).

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