my life as a mosaic (what does yours look like?)

awesome "craft" for all of you who have some time to kill.  very fun. 
here are the guidelines to make your very own mosaic.
{i} type your answer to each of the following prompts into flickr search.
{ii} using only the first page, pick an image that catches your eye.
{iii} copy and paste the image url into mosaic maker (change to 3 rows, 3 columns)
1. your middle name: ascher
2. least favorite food: sardines
3. favorite gemstone: diamond.  i mean come are a girl's best friend...
4. dream car: land rover
5. ideal job: writer
6. fave superhero: spiderman
7. favorite holiday: christmas!!!
8. favorite book: peyton place (you should totally read it.  it's great!)
9. fave animal: olive (my dog baby)
my like?
thanks meg, for introducing me to this fun activity : )
so, if you decide to try this for yourself, leave a link to your mosaic or blog below!

and here is craig's : )

nicely done, babe.  i like it.