om monday: carpe diem

first of all, happy halloween!  i hope that the snow hasn't inhibited any of your spooky plans.

craig and i are just 5 days from our big day.  and with that wonderful event within our sights, we're trying (and succeeding to a large degree, i might add) to savor every single moment leading up to our wedding day.

this past saturday, we were surprised with quite a bit of snow - driving was a no-go, my yoga teacher training was cancelled and we lost power at our house.  instead of freaking out because we couldn't get things done, we made the most of our quiet time.

our final bottle of "countdown" champagne

we started a fire in the fireplace, uncorked a bottle of champagne and planted ourselves fireside while we reminisced about the past 6 wonderful years of our relationship together.

it's funny how it often takes big, life-altering moments to get us to slow down enough to truly savor what a gift life is, but, in truth, every day is a one-shot deal.  you can make the most of it and really "carpe diem", or you can busy yourself with all the inconsequential stuff that too often rules our lives and governs our days.

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as our wedding countdown moved from months to weeks and eventually to days, we've done our best to slow down and really savor every little moment before we become mr. & mrs.

i hope that you, too, will take the time to notice the beauty that's all around when you slow down enough to see it.

carpe diem : )