om monday: find your yoga

the other day, when i was talking with my mom, i told her that i think she needs to take the time to "find her yoga".  by that, i meant finding the thing that is (mildly) self-indulgent, grounds you, centers you and leaves you feeling healthier, stronger and overall better.  for me, it's yoga.  for others it's walking, meditating or taking a spin class.  but whatever it is, the most essential element is finding it and allowing yourself the time to enjoy it.

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when we take time for ourselves, we replenish our enthusiasm and energy for life.  and we ultimately become better friends, wives, sisters, daughters and mothers.  when we take care of ourselves, we are better able to take care of others and tackle all that life throws our way.

so, i encourage all of you to "find your yoga".  and if you've already found it, gift yourself the time to enjoy it as often as possible.  it's not's essential.

what's your "yoga"?.