om monday: our storyline

in yoga class today, we were encouraged to examine the storyline we craft for ourselves.  you know, the things you say, or think, about yourself.  i'm good at math.  i'm a horrible cook.  i have no patience.  i'm great at tree pose.  i suck at warrior 3. 

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 we all craft storylines for ourselves, our lives and our futures.  but what if we stopped self-perpetuating the negative things we've "written" for ourselves?  what if, instead of saying, thinking, feeling that you'll never get a new (and better) job, you focus on the positive of your current position and then delve into what actionable steps you can take toward remedying the situation.  so you move from "victim of your storyline" to "crafter of your destiny".

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negative thoughts, words and feelings breed more of the same.  if you're constantly going around focusing on how fat (you think) you are, you're only going to produce more negative thoughts and experiences.  drop your storyline that you're playing on repeat.  and take action.  be curious and approach the situation with fresh eyes...and you may see things clearly for the first time.

so mavens, what story are you ready to re-write?