om monday: what is your dharma?

one of my yoga teachers was explaining the concept of dharma in class the other day.  i was completely enthralled by her explanation, so naturally i wanted to share it with you all : )

dharma is the idea that every person is born with a unique purpose.  and, our life mission is to align with that purpose and thus contribute our gift to the world.  cool, right?!

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and, even cooler, the more in-line you are with your specific dharma, the more successful you will be - as people will be drawn to you and intrigued by you.  when you align with your dharma, you radiate confidence and charisma because you have recognized your innate passion.

so, mavens...what is your dharma?  i'm hoping/thinking/feeling that mine has something to do with sharing my advice, recipes & yoga inspiration with all of you!