rainy day to-dos

don't know how the weather is where you are, but today is gray and rainy here in the northeast.  unlike many, i've always been a fan of rainy days.  there's something about the gray skies that makes everything feel cozier : )

in case you're under cloud cover too, i've pulled together some rainy day essentials to keep you smiling no matter what the weather's doing.

drink this: nothing is homier than hot tea on a gray day.  my personal favorite is chai.  i love the spiciness of it.  i let my tea steep for a few minutes, then add 1 tsp of sugar in the raw & 1 tbsp half & half.  (much tastier...and healthier...than starbucks' super sugary chai tea latte)

watch this: your favorite movie from when you were younger.  on my list would be father of the bride (with steve martin), only you or an alfred hitchcock flick

eat this: comfort food!  rainy days call for some old-fashioned staples.  like chicken soup, mac & cheese or some kind of yummy baked good.

do this: give yourself a break and indulge a bit.  read a book, take a bath or listen to some soft music.  rainy days are a great time to embrace the quiet and slow down.

rain, rain (don't) go away : ).