recipe for getting grounded

with the stressed-out craziness that tends to dominate our lives, sometimes we have to remind ourselves to get grounded.  stay present.  and take care of ourselves.  here are a few simple ways to embrace the here and now and slow down.

eat this: summer is a great time to enjoy fresh, local foods.  whole foods, like fruits and veggies, are filled with nutrients and antioxidants that leave us feeling healthy and refreshed.  my favorite seasonal treat lately?  cherries!

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do this: take time for yourself.  my favorite "grounding" activity is yoga.  with all the breath work and concentrated focus on the poses, it keeps your mind present.  every time i leave class, i feel mentally (and physically) lighter.

wear this: give yourself a break from the high heels and skirts.  barefoot it and pull on a pair of comfy yoga pants or your favorite t-shirt.  we don't always have to be glamazons.

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drink this: water (or sparkling water) with fresh fruit.  after all the summer bbqs, vacations and cocktails with the girls, we definitely need a bit of a detox.  h2o keeps you hydrated and revitalizes your skin & organs...but, it can get a little monotonous drinking 64oz a day...  so, infuse it with flavor.  squeeze an orange wedge into your glass, add some mint and cucumber slices or a bit of fresh ginger.  water is boring no more : )

what do you do to get grounded?

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