simple things to change your world

ever notice how the most simple, basic things can change your world?  i think one of the most rewarding things you can do for for yourself is check-in and recenter.  here are some things i do to connect with my inner maven : )

move – just 15 minutes of exercise can change your day…and your life.  i love starting my day with movement – especially yoga.  it sets me right with the world and with myself.  if an exercise routine is new to you, start small.  incorporate a manageable amount of fitness into your week (like 15-20 minutes, 3 days a week),  and grow from there.  don’t beat yourself up about what you should do – just do something.  some exercise is better than no exercise at all.

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- eat – fresh fruits and veggies are not just good for you, they really and truly make you feel good too, inside & out.  when you feed your body wholesome, nutritious foods, it thanks you.  i know from personal experience that the better I eat, the better I feel.  i don’t need any diet plan or book to tell what to (or not to) eat.  my body tells me.  now i just have to focus on really listening : )

sleep – getting 7-8 hours of sleep is the backbone of any truly healthy lifestyle.  without restorative sleep, your body is not prepared to tackle the day – mentally or physically.  How can your body expect to focus let alone workout or be productive if it’s lacking something so essential?!  often we have to get up early for work, so sleeping in is rarely an option, but shifting your bedtime a bit earlier may be all it takes to make you feel refreshed when morning time comes.  (plenty of sleep and still struggle to get out of bed?  craig, my fiancé, swears by this trick.  drink a glass of water upon waking.  he says it clears the morning “fog”.)

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read – for our jobs, we often are reading all day long.  but that’s not the kind of reading i’m talking about.  how long has it been since you’ve read something that enriches your life?  or read for pleasure?  probably too long.  lately, i’ve “rediscovered” my love of reading and have incorporated it into my pre-bedtime routine.  settling in with a good book and losing yourself in its pages is such a treat and a great way to wind down from a long day.

what simple thing has changed your world?.