Take a Break

It's essential to have "me-time". Taking time for yourself is not a luxury (it's a necessity!), and it's certainly not selfish. It is key to leading a harmonious life. When you constantly give of yourself to others, you drain your energy. (I'm sure you've felt that before.) That's why it's so important to take time, every day, to literally recharge your batteries.

Take a few minutes each day to sit in a comfortable, quiet location and take deep breaths. Start with just 2 minutes a day and add a few minutes each week ,with your goal being at least 10 minutes a day. Sit with eyes closed, and breath slowly in through your nose, out through your mouth. Almost instantly you should begin to feel more relaxed and calm. You'll also notice your heart rate slow to a steady pace. Focus on your breath, and attempt to keep all nagging thoughts out of your head. If you find yourself worrying or dwelling, replace that thought with a peaceful image, like a quiet beach with rolling waves, a peaceful garden, or a favorite relaxing vacation spot.

Without a few moments to re-center yourself, you are more susceptible to stress, have a shorter temper, and often feel overwhelmed. By allowing yourself these few essentials moments, you'll greatly improve your overall quality of life. I'm certain that your family and friends will not even notice the bit of time you give to yourself, they'll only notice that you're more grounded and patient.

If you really want to enhance your "me-time", think about creating a "me-time" space that nurtures you during your moments of relaxation. Choose a quiet spot - your favorite chair, the foot of your bed, or even a nook in your bathroom or closet. Think about your senses, and keep things nearby that would augment your space - choose a candle with a fresh, calming scent to light while you sit, get a CD player (or your ipod) ready with soothing music, or place a journal nearby to write down thoughts before or after your minutes of "meditation".

Give to yourself first. It will make you a better wife, mother and friend.

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