thank you (because i don't say it enough)

thank you for all you do.

me & craig

thank you for doing the dishes and for taking out the trash. thank you for what you do around the house...inside and out. thank you for your patience and your text messages. thank you for loving me so much and for being such a good papa to olive. thank you for putting me first and supporting me in all i do. thank you for asking me to marry you and for being involved with planning. thank you for your hugs and kisses and for letting me keep my feet warm under you when we're on the couch. thank you for doing my taxes and for treating me to bobby's countless times. thank you for allowing me to grow into the person i am meant to be. thank you for your tireless support and for always reading my blog.  thank you for making me laugh and for always being yourself around me. thank you for putting up with my (poor) tv choices and genuinely caring about who "the bachelor" will choose.  thank you for challenging me, pushing me and believing in me (more than i believe in myself sometimes).  thank you for allowing me to pursue my dreams...even when it (temporarily) compromises your own. but most of all, thank you for loving me, handsome. i love you too. 143

isn't he handsome?

me & craig on xix's balcony
who do you want to thank today?