the art of letting go

“let go of the parts of life that you honestly don’t want”

what a simple statement.  so elegant in its poignant conciseness.  yet how many of us really & truly embrace this concept?  whether it’s that ugly teapot from aunt mildred or a bad habit that’s compromising our health, letting go is hard.  we feel guilty.  we feel stuck.  we feel comfortable with the way things are…even if we know a change would serve us better.

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just think how freeing it would be if we rid ourselves of all the crap that is holding us back and weighing us down.  our cluttered closets, our addiction to junk food, our incessant worries.  we all know that these things inhibit us.  they strap us down and keep us from our fabulousity – our full potential of happiness & health.  so, why don’t we just let go?  because we’re scared?  probably.  because change is hard?  well, yes…sometimes.  but, if you let go of the things you honestly don’t want, it makes space in your life for all the wonderful things you love and enjoy.  and with all the junk cleared, you can begin to appreciate the beauty that was already there, waiting to be uncovered.

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so, take a (mini) leap.  donate the teapot and try an apple instead of a bag of chips for your afternoon snack.  i guarantee you’ll feel better, and you’ll begin to tap into your inner maven as you move one step closer to being effortlessly fabulous…

what are you going to let go?.