The Exact Email I Used To Pitch & Land An Interview

does the thought to "pitching" yourself to media, blogs, websites & people you don't know terrify you?
it used to scare the bejeezus out me, too!
i hated the idea of  being vulnerable and putting myself out there.  it was uncomfortable, stressful and completely fear-inducing. after all, isn't the sign of a prospering business that people find me?...
well, yes & no.
of course, the more well-known you are, the more people will reach out to you, but the clincher is, in order to get "well-known" you have to do the somewhat uncomfortable work of putting yourself out there!
so, after hearing from about a dozen biz+marketing coaches that pitching your expertise is VITAL if you want to grow your business & establish yourself as an authority in your field, i figured i'd better give it a go -- no matter how painful it may be.
first, i sent out a couple emails, then a couple dozen, then tens upon tens, and now, years later, i've sent an incalculable number of "pitches" to countless media outlets, blogs and fellow entrepreneurs in an effort to share what i do and potentially make a valuable connection.
i'll admit, the first few were hard.  but as time passed it actually became fun -- yes, FUN!  it is exciting to think about what possibilities might come my way simply by introducing myself, and every time another "yes" comes my way, it bolsters my biz confidence.
in today's vid, i share the 6 steps i use to pitch & land interviews, big-time teaching jobs & speaking gigs.
watch it now, listen carefully, use the process, and learn to LOVE it :-)
from this email below, i landed a great guest posting gig for a popular blog, an appearance on Chelsea Krost's #MillennialTalk, and an upcoming interview for Launch & Hustle: For Brands, Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses.
feel free to use it as inspiration, tweak it, and put it to work for you!
Hi [Name],
I was perusing your [writing, blog, podcast, website, youtube channel, etc.] and wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. 
My name is Cailen Ascher, and through my company CALM biz I work with budding entrepreneurs, especially yoga teachers, to help them craft the business & lifestyle they've always dreamed of. I'm so fortunate to be able to do the work I do, and I LOVE freely offering my expertise to the entrepreneurial community.
If you're ever looking for someone to share...
- The BEST, easiest, least expensive way to take your new business venture online
- How to generate a year's worth of blog/newsletter/podcast topics in one sitting
- The most effective ways to draw the right people to your business & into your community
...I'm your gal :-)
Or, for more topics I can be a source on, you can check out my media portfolio ( or blog (
Keep up the awesome work, and I hope to connect with you soon.
Happy summer!

in the comments, share a time when you "put yourself out there" that paid off big!

share your victory & inspire others to do the same!