whole foods shopping trip 101

totally digging the glass milk bottles : )
after yesterday's post (and because we were in extreme need of food), i felt inspired to visit a local market for today's groceries.  i went to this specific market because it's run by a del val college's farm program - so they are committed to providing high-quality, local, organic foods.  not to mention, i heard that the milk they offer from their dairy is to-die-for.

i filled my cart with:

petite local strawberries
plump blueberries
fingerling potatoes
two heads of garlic
fresh baked multi-grain bread
skim & 2% milk from their dairy
fresh roasted turkey, sliced
sliced ham for sandwiches (for craig)
seven stars organic biodynamic yogurt (more about "biodynamic" below)
bananas (not local, but i'm not ready to go without them...yet)
ground turkey from an organic & humane farm
the sweetest little cherry tomatoes from their green house
gourmet olive oil
a peach, a pear & a plum (just realized now about the alliteration haha)

the market's interior

ok, so what is biodynamic yogurt?  biodynamic is an even more stringent process than just the mere "organic" certification requires.  biodynamic farms seek to be in harmony with nature.  they focus heavily on compost and creating a self-sustaining environment that requires very little "input" (i.e. unnecessary energy) to maintain.  ok...very cool.

all that delicious food did come with a price tag.  $72.56 for the cart.  and i didn't get any dry goods or eggs.  so yeah, it's definitely a more expensive shopping trip - i normally spend around $70/week for all our groceries...

me & my biodynamic yogurt

but, i must say, the maple yogurt i enjoyed with fresh blueberries & strawberries was divine.  and i felt really good about supporting local farms while getting higher-quality ingredients.  i'm still in the game..