Why I Said NO to Making More Money

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Nearly every day on Facebook there’s another story of an “overnight success” who went from making nothing to 6-figures in her first year of business.

Now, I’m not here to rail against those stories -- they’re eye catching, inspirational and often have a few helpful nuggets to walk away with. (And hey, if you have a story that’ll turn heads, I say share it!)

But, the story I want to share with you today is a little different, it’s the tale of why I said NO to making more money in my business.

Now, with the aim of transparency, I’ll be totally truthful and say that I’ve had a fantastic year in my business.

After 7 loooong years of serial entrepreneurship, when I found Business Clarity and rebranded as a Clarity Coach in May of 2015, things took off. And perhaps, my story could have looked like an “overnight success” from the outside, but there was nearly a decade of trial and error, tears and triumphs that went into it.

Yes, I’ve had a fantastic year and am on track to make well over 6-figures, but I could have made a lot more -- I just chose not to.

(Hold the eye rolls, please, and hear me out :-)

Why did I say NO to more money?

Because, I prioritize my lifestyle above all else. 

I treasure my 3-day workweeks and adore my 4-day weekends with my soon-to-be 2 year old daughter (her 2nd birthday is tomorrow!!) and my amazing husband.

My lifestyle is my top priority, and my business (as much as I love it, think about it, dream about it) is just a piece of that lifestyle, it’s not the driving force of my life.

Sure, I could have busted my butt, worked 40, 50 or even 60 hour weeks, gone to more networking events, pitched myself to more media outlets, launched my coaching and group programs more times, hustled, hustled, hustled and brought in multiple 6-figures, but what would have been the point? 

I wouldn’t have had the time, energy or desire to enjoy it! 

And, it certainly wouldn’t have brought me more happiness, more ease or more time with my family. (And, I have those by the boatloads right now!)

So, this is my question to you…

What is your top priority?

Now, I’m not saying it should be the same as mine. You may be in a place where you totally want to commit 110% to skyrocketing your business because that would bring you the most joy. Amazing.

I’m just saying you should define what it is.

Once you know that, you can align all your efforts with it, and start creating a life and business on your terms, just like I did.

The journey has to align with the destination <3

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