why i yoga

credit {here}

i practice yoga because:

- it makes me feel good inside & out
- it quiets my mind
- i like its simplicity and grace
- it makes me feel strong
- it challenges me (both mind & body)
- stretching feels goooood
- i <3 it
- it connects me to my body
- i stand up straighter
- it kicks my butt (sometimes)
- i have more poise & balance
- it works my entire body
- it strengthens and tones my muscles more than anything i've ever done
- it's all about practice not perfection
- it's just for me : )

credit {here}

if you're interested in hearing more about my workout routine, follow me @cailenascher.  i tweet my workouts all week long.

so, what do you do that's just for you?  have you ever tried yoga???.