wine o' the month: bully hill

bully hill
yesterday, craig and i went to 4 wine stores and called several more in search of a delicious wine we enjoyed over the weekend. we finally found it at the final store. (rewind to saturday) in walk michael & melissa (our wedding photographers) with a bottle of red wine called bully hill: love my goat. the bottle had a huge sketch of a semi-angry looking goat on it and was simply called red wine. hmmm. as a red wine drinking newbie, i am often wary of unfamiliar reds, but am always willing to try : ) upon first sip, it was love. with a hint of sweetness, this fruity red is so smooth - not dry on the palate at all. i often feel i can only truly enjoy reds with food, but (beware) this one drinks just fine on its own.

from my intro, you can tell it’s not the easiest to find. (it’s from a small vineyard in upstate new york.) but it’s definitely worth hunting around for…it’s only $8 bottle! we enjoyed it with homemade pizza on saturday and my dad’s meatloaf and potatoes on sunday. it went great with both : )

love my goat

small world moment: craig and i were telling my parents about the wine, and my mom let out a little gasp. she said that for their 2nd anniversary, she and my dad traveled to upstate ny and visited bully hill vineyards and met the owner. she then went into the depths of the pantry and pulled out an old (undrinkable) 1976 vintage from, yes, you guessed it, bully hill.

so, go forth and (find) love my goat!

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