Work-Life Balance...what balance??!!

As I write this post, I’m sitting on my back porch still in my yoga clothes. It’s 9:44am. My daughter is napping. The work day has officially begun (even though a shower never happened).

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.51.34 AM

My day started at 4:50am. Brush teeth, wash face, pack my gym/yoga bag. (On Tuesdays I teach a 6am Vinyasa yoga class.) Grab some trail mix, my water bottle and head out.
Teach class, more trail mix, read Dream Year on the elliptical, do some free weights, pick up veggies at the farmers market, back home to officially start the work day (after cuddling with Leona).
It’s not even 9am, and the entrepreneurial dance has already begun. Does reading business books at the gym count as “work” or “me-time”? Does teaching my yoga class count as “professional” because I get paid or is it “personal” because I enjoy it so much?
My days are always some version of this back-and-forth between wife, mom and entrepreneur. I’m used to it by now. I’ve never had a typical 9-to-5. I live the dance every day.
For years, my work week has been a hybrid of working-laundry-working-running errands-working-prep dinner-working-yoga-working (and now you can throw breastfeeding into the mix).
On the best of days it feels like a (mostly effortless) dance. On the worst days it feels blurry. Confusing, stressful and like I’m not 100% present no matter where I am.
When you’re an entrepreneur, this is what life is like. It’s a blending of personal and professional in order to build a lifestyle that you love. Hmmm...a lifestyle that you love. Is this love??...
But, let’s be honest here, the lifestyle of an entrepreneur isn’t always glamorous, fun or easy. Far from it. It’s hard, takes A LOT of dedication, and rarely looks like what we imagined when we first started our businesses.
Sometimes having a “lifestyle” business is the very thing that leaves us feeling the most frazzled! It leaves us asking, “Where does work end and life begin?”
If you aren’t enjoying your life (at least a little) then what’s the point of building this business anyhow? The whole point of creating a business you love is to enjoy a life you love! Stop putting that on hold for “someday”.
In this week’s lesson, I’m sharing my 4 favorite strategies for balancing work & life so that you can start living the good life NOW.

How’s your work/life “balance” treating you? What do you struggle with most? Or, if you have another tip that I didn’t cover in the video, please share in the comments below! I love learning from you.
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