yogi: appeal to the senses - 3 things you need to do before teaching yoga class

hi yogis!  if you're a yoga teacher, setting the scene is a big part of class planning.  and that's why it's so important to arrive 15 minutes or so before class begins so that you can take care of creating your ideal "backdrop" before students start arriving.  if you want your students to get the most out of your classes, creating the ideal environment for them to practice in is key.  so, the next time you're heading to the studio to teach, make sure you allot a few extra minutes to take care of these essential items. 1. check the temp -- a room that is too cold (or too hot -- unless you're teaching bikram) can be uncomfortable.  instead of students focusing on their breath, they'll be distracted by their chilly toes and stiff muscles.  when you get into the room, notice the temperature, and if it needs adjusting, handle that immediately so the temp has time to regulate before the students arrive.

2. look at the lighting -- next, adjust the lighting to meet your preferences.  are you teaching a gentle, restorative class that calls for low lighting and candles?  or have you planned a rockin' vinyasa class that requires brighter lighting to keep the energy up?  upon entering, the lighting will subconsciously alert your students to the energy level and mood you're looking to generate.

3. put on the tunes -- if you like to instruct to music, get your playlist going so that the ambiance is complete when students enter.  also, remember that the tunes you select can mirror the flow of the class -- start with slow mantra chants, amp it up with some mc yogi, and then pair savasana with slower, soulful sounds.

these subtle elements may seem like an afterthought, but pairing your class plan with these other sensual elements will allow your students to enjoy their practice on a deeper level.

now, it's yoga time!