yogi: how to truly enjoy the holidays

happy holidays!  the holiday season -- a time that i look forward to all year long -- seems to pass quicker and quicker each year.  why is that?  for me, i think it's a combo of getting older and inevitably having more to do than just wait around for santa to arrive, and also a lack of mindfulness that results as the tempo picks up with holiday parties, decorating, shopping, cooking, etc. so, where does that leave us?  at december 20th, and feeling like there's just not enough time to savor this magical time of year.

in the next week or so, i'm making a commitment to slowing down -- if just momentarily -- to savor the little moments that can slip by so quickly, and go unnoticed.  and i encourage you to do the same if you feel like this time is getting away from you.

here are a few ideas about how to slow down and savor...

  • breathe.
  • at family parties, excuse yourself from conversation, and take a minute or two to watch your loved ones enjoying themselves.
  • smile.
  • if your favorite holiday song comes on the radio -- listen to it.  no mind-wandering, texting, or tweeting.
  • do something that reminds you of your childhood -- read "the night before christmas", drink hot cocoa by the fire, drive around and look at all the decorated houses...
  • breathe some more.

may your days be merry and bright!