yogi: leave space for happiness

this morning, i opened my early bird vinyasa class with this quote:kiss on cheek

"always leave enough room in your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, or even joyous." - paul hawken

it seems like such simple advice, but sometimes the simplest advice is the hardest to follow.  be honest, how often do you leave space for happiness in your life?  between all the to-dos, responsibilities, emails, text message, and phone calls, happiness sometimes seems to seep out.

striving to be happy all the time is unrealistic -- and not the point of yoga.  the point is rather to sit with what comes up, whatever that may be for us.  be present here and now, so that we can move forward in the wisest, most compassionate way possible.  and, when we do that, we find that those moments of happiness that previously might have escaped us become a sweet gift to be cherished.

make room for happiness in your life -- and went it arrives, take a minute to enjoy it!