Confession #002: “I have over 11,000 women in my Facebook Group!” with Jordana Jaffe

Confession: “I have over 11,000 women in my FB Group!"

- Jordana Jaffe, Facebook Group Strategist


Today on the Clarity Confessions, I am delighted to introduce you to my dear friend and real-life “neighbor”, Jordana Jaffe. (We live about 10min from one another and regularly get together for brunch dates! My fave.)

Jordana has a gift for creating cozy communities that people flock to and love being a part of, and she’s translated that talent into her work as a Facebook Group Strategist.

Now, she teaches entrepreneurs who are introverts or homebodies how to create their own super engaged Facebook Group and successfully participate in other groups so they can grow their online community and get clients while staying at home in their cozy PJs.

Jordana’s friendship and entrepreneurial savvy have helped me grow in so many ways, and I cannot wait for you to learn from her, too.


Tune into Jordana’s Clarity Confession to discover...

  • How to let your perfect-for-you business find YOU

  • The 2 questions every entrepreneur needs to ask herself

  • How to build a business that supports your desired lifestyle

  • What it really took to reach her first $100K year

  • The best way to create programs that your ideal clients scramble to buy

After you listen to Jordana’s Clarity Confession, you can join her fabulous Facebook Group here where you’ll be able to grab her FREE 14-day Facebook Group Building Course in the files section. And, you can always connect with her at, too.