Confession #004: "I got MORE clients when I raised my prices" with Breanne Dyck

I got MORE clients when I raised my prices
— Breanne Dyck

Today I am so excited to introduce you to Breanne Dyck, founder and lead consultant at MNIB Consulting. Breanne helps online training businesses to scale their impact, their team and their revenue by blending operations management, learning and product strategy, and business model development. Her results-driven strategies help thought-leaders and influencers like Chris Guillebeau, Natalie Sisson and Tara Gentile maximize referrals, retention and repeat buyers by creating transformational learning experiences that customers can't stop talking about. Her book "Beyond Satisfaction" is now available on Amazon.

Here’s just a little taste of what you’ll learn in this episode...

  • The importance of setting clear expectations and boundaries with clients
  • How learning something from the good AND the bad can inspire you to move forward
  • The cost of a goal and how to recognize that cost to set yourself up for success
  • How raising your prices can solve many client issues
  • The idea of creating that sense of ultimate value through the training you’re providing

Breanne also provides an action step at the end of the episode that will challenge the way you perceive the value of your own products/offerings, and radically change the way you create value for your customers and clients.

After you listen to Breanne’s Clarity Confession, you can connect with her at!