Confession #022: "The one thing that would bring in money was the one thing I didn't want to do." with Kristen Domingue

There came a moment of truth where I was like, ‘There’s going to be no cash flow in 30 days and I don’t want to do the one thing I’ve convinced everyone I can do. What am I going to do?’
— Kristen Domingue, Personal Brand Development Expert

My friend, Kristen Domingue, is a personal brand expert and helps entrepreneurs build a brand that is 100% authentic. No B.S., no unnecessary elements, no "shoulds", just brilliantly you. Kristen's journey to where she is in her life and business today was anything but direct. And she's totally transparent about that. So refreshing!

She admits there was a lot of questioning, course correction and do-overs over the years, but ultimately she persevered and found her calling. Confessing that it was only when she allowed herself to be the most unabashed expression of herself that she found her groove -- and her happiness.

In this Clarity Confession, Kristen is revealing all and sharing her story, wisdom and advice with us.


This girl is awesome. Passionate. Focused. Business-minded. Open and honest. And, when you listen to her Clarity Confession, you'll learn...

  • What her first year in business really looked like
  • The best way to find your positioning or niche, and how Kristen’s was “handed to her on a silver platter”
  • Why you need outside input to achieve big insights and make big leaps
  • The single best thing she’s done for her business...EVER
  • How to easily and effectively determine if you should say “yes” to any opportunity

P.S. Do you ever wonder if the business you're building is really and truly aligned with what you're supposed to be doing with you life?

That's the ultimate question that we purpose-driven entrepreneurs face, right?

Is what I'm doing "on track" with my life's purpose?

And, it's a big, overwhelming question.

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