Confession #025: "My first year was a year of self-discovery and trusting my instincts" with Michelle Knight

My first year was a year of self-discovery and trusting my instincts. I started this business with NOTHING in mind!
— Michelle Knight, Branding and Business Coach

Today's Clarity Confession is full of valuable insights from my friend, Michelle Knight. Michelle is a branding and business coach for female entrepreneurs who are tired of just surviving in their current job. Together, Michelle and her clients create a stand out brand for their business, so they can have their desired income and free up their schedule to spend time on what truly matters. After the birth of her son in December 2015, she launched her business, and left her 9-to-5 just nine months later.

During this interview, we spoke a lot about the importance of recognizing what is holding you back. In Michelle's case, fear became a huge obstacle that she had to work through in order to begin truly seeing results in her business. She had even celebrated her most successful weekend right before we recorded this interview! Michelle gives some practical tips for working through your fear and setting business goals.


Listen to Michelle's Clarity Confession to learn:

  • Why you should start before you're ready -- even if you don't know exactly what you want to do.
  • Michelle's four main tips for working through fear (and other mindset blocks)
  • The reason Michelle and I both recommend Gabby Bernstein's The Universe Has Your Back
  • Her best advice for maintaining momentum in your business.

P.S. Gabby Bernstein is hosting a special Facebook Live today to share the details about her Spirit Junkie Digital Masterclass. If you have any questions about the program, this is the perfect opportunity to find out more!