Dose of Clarity: Take Things Off Your To-Do List to Leverage Your Power

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For the last month or so, nearly every day before I start working I make a to-do. 

But, not just any to-do list -- a very unique to-do list.

And, this special to-do list that I’ve taken to creating has brought me some really powerful results in the last few weeks like…

  • Bringing me unexpected cash from unexpected places (always fun right?!)
  • Landing me 2 new clients
  • Bringing me several new potential clients effortlessly
  • Connecting me with the right people at the right times for the right opportunities
  • Making me feel completely at ease with everything that’s going on in my life + business
  • And, countless smaller wins :-)

After reading that, I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of hocus pocus to-do list could possibly deliver these results.

Well, in truth, it’s more about what I’m taking OFF of my to-do list that’s bringing in these wins.

As business owners, we are experts at making super loooong to-do lists. 

Lists that are never-ending and completely overwhelming leave us feeling depleted and like we’re never “ahead” of it. It’s exhausting!

So, I’ve taken up a new kind of delegation.

Each morning before I start my work day, I open my journal, and on the left hand page, I write down the 3-5 things I will do that day. Simple things, like sending an important email, contacting 3 people about an idea, writing a new blog post, or submitting an application for a speaking opportunity. Specific things that I know I’ll be able to handle given my allotted time and that will feel really good to complete.

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Then, on the right hand page, I write down ALL the things I want to stop thinking/worrying about that I want the Universe to handle. (Ok, so I know that may sound a little “out there”, but this is a practice in releasing worry, stress and anxiety about the things that are out of your control. Stick with me. It works.) 

On that list I write things like, get 2 yeses from potential clients this week, be invited to speak at such-and-such event next month, enroll 35+ people in my upcoming group program, bring me 2 unexpected compliments today, get an inspired idea, send unexpected cash to get the idea, right? (Everything you write on this side of the list should feel like a sigh of relief since you no longer “have to worry about it”.)

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The items on the Universe’s To-Do List don’t necessarily need to have a timeframe, but they can if that’s helpful to you. This is more about removing any items you really can’t control from your headspace and trusting that if you do the stuff on your list (the tangible, actionable, strategic steps), the things on the Universe’s list will work themselves out in the absolute best way possible for you!

Try this out. I think you’ll really like it. (And then, let me know how it’s going for you by connecting with me in The Clarity Crew Facebook Group.)

Can’t wait to hear what wins this process brings you!


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