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First off, Happy 4th of July to those of you who are celebrating today! I hope you’re enjoying a gorgeous day filled with fun, festivities and really good BBQ food :-)

Ok, on to the reason I’m writing.


Now that I’m a mom I understand guilt on a level I never thought possible.

I feel guilty when I’m not with my kids, I feel guilty when I ask my mom or sister or even husband to watch them when I need to work, I feel guilty that they feel I work too much (even though I have a 3-day workweek!), I feel guilty when I’m with them and distracted by work, you get the picture. Guilt -- it’s everywhere!

I know that “mom guilt” is sort of a running joke. It’s just to be expected, right? But the thing is, guilt doesn’t just plague moms, I remember feeling guilty back before kids when I’d desperately need a break but didn’t want to stop working because I felt guilty that I got to “play” all day and my husband had to go to a “real job”.

It’s like everywhere I turn, I find a new way to make myself feel guilty -- what’s the deal?!

Even though I’m still working my way through this, myself, I wanted to share some of the things that are working for me. Guilt-wise.



There are 4 things that I feel are really powerful to remember to help you release the guilt.

  • Guilt is just FEAR!
    We’re afraid that if we don’t hustle 24/7, our biz will fail. Or if we don’t spend 24/7 with our kids, they’ll resent us. But if you shine the light of awareness on the root cause (i.e. fear!), you can take proactive steps towards eliminating that fear before it takes over.

  • Reframe it!
    What is a new storyline or mantra you can remind yourself of. A few tried and true are “I am enough”, “I’m doing my best” and “What’s meant for me will not pass me.” I’ve used all of those at different times and found them really helpful.

  • Stop “shoulding” all over your business!
    When we feel like we should do something, we’re much more likely to feel guilt wrapped up with it. If instead we CHOOSE to do something (or not do something), we feel empowered.

  • Remember your why!
    Why did you start your business in the first place? To feel guilty all the time or to enjoy a life of ease, freedom and abundance? You are creating your life, and you have the power to craft it any way you see fit -- even guilt-free!

I encourage you to try just one of my suggestions above on for size and see if it makes a difference. I hope it does. It’s important to remember that we can’t function as our highest selves if we’re bringing ourselves down with a big pile of guilt!

Here’s to becoming a guilt-free gal :-)

P.S. If you’re ready to build your business YOUR WAY (totally guilt-free), I’d love to support you in crafting a plan for full-time income working part-time hours. Book a free Clarity Call with me by filling out this quick form.

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