Fill your coaching with amazing clients (even if you have no list)!

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There is one thing that seems to baffle many new entrepreneurs -- how to find clients!

Believe me, I understand.

I, too, used to struggle to find the right clients for my business until I set up a system to move clients consistently into my business.

If you’re thinking, “that sounds pretty darn good!”, you’re in luck! I’m sharing a step-by-step process with you in this email that’ll help you fill your coaching with amazing clients.

But before we dive into that, I have something I need to say. This system will only work if you implement it and use it consistently.

Finding clients isn’t a one-and-done sort of thing. It needs to be a consistent endeavor in your business -- a tippy-top priority. Every. Single. Day.

So, if you’re ready to show up like that. You’re going to rock the system I’m sharing with you today!

1. Create a Simple + Elegant Offer.

Ask your community what they want and make it for them. Don’t guess at what they need -- ask questions, survey people, get on the phone and interview them. Then put together a simple, elegant offer that directly addresses their main problem. Don’t pack your offer with too much information and tons of bonuses, that’ll just overwhelm them. They are hiring you to remove overwhelm, not create it. Give them a streamlined solution, and they’ll love it!

2. Make a Wish List.

Write down the names (at least 25) of anyone you can think of who could benefit from what you’re selling. Consider friends, family, neighbors, past colleagues, other parents at your kid’s school, the ladies in that Saturday yoga class to take, the wife of your husband’s co-worker, etc. This exercise will not only give you a jumping off point for the next step in this system, but will also remind you that clients are everywhere!

3. Do Personal Outreach.

Now, reach out to everyone on that list! Not with a “hard sell” but with a check-in. Ask them how they are doing. What they’re up to these days. What plans or goals they have. Fill them in about you. Ask them to get coffee with you or hop on the phone. Be friendly. Be normal :-)

4. Talk to People.

As you start having conversations with people, don’t let the fact that they could be a potential client shut you down. Instead, take a few deep breaths. Remain open, receptive, LISTEN to what they’re saying. If they seem like a good fit for what you’re offering, say so. Something like “What you just shared is exactly what I help my clients with! I don’t know if it would be a good fit or not, but I’d be happy to share a bit more about how I work with my clients”.

5. Follow-up.

If you don’t hear back from people, follow-up. Again, think about how you’d behave if you sent an email to a friend and hadn’t heard back. No need to be pushy, but if it’s been 7 days, check-in again. “Hi [name], Did you get the email I sent last week? What did you think?” works really well.

6. Focus on relationships.

Getting clients is sometimes a long game so why not plant as many seeds as you can with as many people as you can so you’re less attached to the outcome. In time, this will become almost a game of figuring out how many people you can find to reach out to.

You’ve got this!

P.S. Finding clients is just one piece of my Six-Figures Made Simple™ framework. If you want to make 6-figures THIS YEAR, I’d love to explore having you join my Six-Figures Made Simple™ Mastermind. Check it out here.

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