Life is a Mirror -- what are you seeing?!

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Do you ever notice how if you wake up feeling a little off, you then spill your coffee, get stuck in traffic, can’t find that thing you need (or worse that your kid is screaming about) and everyone you encounter seems a little on-edge too?

On the other hand, isn’t it interesting how when you feel in the flow of life your kids are sweeter, your spouse is more helpful and business feels abundant and fun?!

That’s because life is a mirror. We see reflected back to us what we put out.

So let’s take this very literally…

If you would like to see smiles in the mirror most of the time, you have to show up with a smile on your face 51% or more percent of the time.

Pretty straightforward, right?

As you can clearly see in this example, there’s no judgment in this. There’s no trickiness or magic. There’s no secret element of the Law of Attraction that you need to understand. And, there’s certainly no need to cultivate your “worthiness” -- you are already totally worthy of smiles in the mirror :-)

Life is not judging or punishing you, it’s simply reflecting back to you the energy you are putting out. How you are showing up is mirrored back to you. Plain and simple.

So, if you want to receive more smiles, more positivity, more love, more joy, more peace or calm or compassion -- just show up with more of that just 51% or more of the time. Then the majority of the time, life will be smooth sailing!

Or, easier yet, just show up 1% more of the time with high vibes and smiles than you’re doing now to see an improvement. That’s all it takes to change your life. Just a little incremental upgrade -- a 1% shift.

If you want to (most of the time) receive something good back, you have to (most of the time) give something good out. Easy peasy.

You’ve got this. Now go smile at yourself in the mirror :-)

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