My 3 Truths for Living Your BEST Life

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At the end of every podcast episode, Lewis Howes asks his guest a question called “The 3 Truths”.

Essentially, he asks them to imagine it’s their final day on earth and all they can leave behind is a piece of paper with their “3 truths” on it -- the 3 things they would like to leave as their legacy for the world to remember them by.

This got me thinking…

What are my 3 truths?

What would be the 3 things I would share on that piece of paper in hopes of leaving the world a better place for my family, my friends and my community?

I was sharing this with my husband over a delicious breakfast at a great restaurant, Parc in Philadelphia, when he turned the tables on me and asked, “So, what would your 3 truths be?”


Here’s what spilled out of me:

  1. You create your life.

    Every thought you think. Every dream you have. Every action you take are building your life one piece at a time. You have ultimate creative power. If you don’t like what you see, you can change it.

  2. Trust.

    Trust life, trust yourself, trust timing, trust your dreams. Just trust.

  3. Life is supposed to feel good.

    This existence isn’t meant to be a struggle. We aren’t meant to be in pain constantly. We’re here to learn, grow, expand. And, yes, FEEL GOOD! This is our birthright.

So, now (you guessed it!) I’m turning the tables on YOU.

What would your 3 truths be?

Don’t overthink it. Grab a piece of paper or open up your journal and see what spills out of you when you consider the question.

Then, please share your #3truths with me and the rest of our glorious community inside the 3-Day Workweek Facebook Group. Can’t wait to see what yours are!

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