My Favorite Technique to Release Your Biggest Mindset Blocks

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All month long we’re going to be diving into the topic of Mindset so that you can start intentionally creating the life and business you want -- like one with 3-day workweeks, 4-day weekends, 5-figure months and 6-figure years :-)

Last week, we covered the first step in the process of upleveling your Mindset, which is awareness. Basically, we need to figure out what we’re currently doing in order to change it! 

(If you missed last week’s lesson on awareness and want to catch up, you can figure out what’s blocking you here.)

Now that you know what Mindset Blocks you have, thanks to the compassionate awareness you’ve been cultivating, it’s time to release the blocks that you’ve uncovered.

Our minds are crazy powerful. The most powerful tool we have at our disposal, so if we’re constantly focused on lack of money or clients or worried about our businesses or our families, there is no possible way that we can feel in the flow of success and abundance. We’re simply not giving ourselves that opportunity.

But, now that you’ve noticed the thought-patterns that are no longer serving you, we can do something about it!

I have a really simple and helpful technique that will help you repattern your limiting beliefs starting right now.

This technique that I’m about to share with you has helped 100s and 100s of women in my community begin to shift their Mindset (and therefore the life they’re creating for themselves) from lack, struggle and scarcity to abundance, flow and appreciation. And, I know it can and will work for you, too.

You ready for it?

The technique I’m so excited to share with you today is to create personalized positive affirmations in direct opposition to your limiting beliefs. 

Let me give you an example so you can begin to see how powerful this is…

If through your awareness work you noticed that you are constantly saying to yourself “No one ever wants to work with me. It’s so hard to find clients.” Your job is to create an affirmation (or several!) that turns that idea on its ear. Like, “Clients are everywhere” or “I am a client magnet” or “My perfect clients are coming to me now” or “The right people will always find me.”

On a fresh page in your favorite journal or a clean Google Doc, write a list of the new things you’re going to say to yourself that directly oppose your most common Mindset offenders so that you start populating your mindspace with positive thoughts.

The really cool thing is our negative and limiting thoughts will start to lose their power when we focus more time and attention on what we do what to bring into our lives rather than thinking or worrying about what we don’t want.

If you want to take this a step further, I highly recommend you surround yourself with these new affirmations. Immerse yourself in them. Put them around your home or office on Post-It Notes. Make them your phone or computer background. Maybe even make a recording of yourself saying them and listen to that before bed or while you’re driving in your car. Write them again and again in your journal. Repeat them to yourself. 

It may seem a little silly or almost like a lie at first, but if you stick with it (remember these tools need to be practiced continually to be effective) you’ll turn a corner, and these new beliefs will simply be your beliefs. They’ll just be the way you think and move through the world.

After you create your new affirmations, please share your favorite one in the Facebook Group! I’d love to read what you come up with. It’s so inspiring to be on this journey together!

Now, listen to this week's live podcast episode to find out my other favorite tools for releasing your biggest mindset blocks.


I am so excited for you to try out this technique, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!


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