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In the early days of my business, success felt elusive, tricky and confusing.

I really felt like there must be a magical “secret” that some lucky people had landed upon that skyrocketed them to success while I was left hustling, struggling and waiting.

But, as I stepped into my 3-day workweek and began learning from leading coaches and mentors, I began to realize something…

Success wasn’t luck -- it was scheduled!

The most successful people out there didn’t leave their success to chance. They knew their numbers, they had their plan, and they bet on themselves and their success.

Now, 4 years into my 3-day workweek, my business feels solid, steady and predictable.

I know how to efficiently run a six-figure business working about 15 hours a week, and I know exactly what I need to focus on to grow and reach new levels of income and impact. (You can have this level of clarity, too -- keep reading!)

Success isn’t tricky or elusive or confusing -- it’s actually pretty simple!

And, I’m going to be teaching you exactly what Success Made Simple™ looks like inside The 3-Day Workweek Masterclasses which start on March 4th and run through March 8th.

In case you haven’t yet heard, the intention of these FREE masterclasses is to show you how to create full-time income working part-time hours, just as I have done with my 3-day workweek :-)

You’ll not only learn my proprietary Success Made Simple™ framework that I’m unveiling publically for the FIRST TIME, but you’ll also get introduced to 7 other six-figure coaches who also have amazing tips for working less, making more and living better.

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The 3-Day Workweek Masterclasses include…

  • Schedule Your Success with Cailen Ascher

  • Plan Your Best Week Ever with Racheal Cook

  • The Income Replacement Formula with Christine McAlister

  • Energetic Time Management with Heather Chauvin

  • How to Batch 5 Months of Content in 3 Days with Jordan Gill

  • Creating a Powerful Marketing Strategy with a Feminine Approach with Jocelyn Mercado

  • Using Your Unique Talents to Grow a 6-Figure Business with Kathleen Kobel

  • Reclaim Your Time: Make Massive Traction in Your Business While Still Having Lots of Free Time with Jenny Fenig

  • Living the Success Made Simple Framework™ with Cailen Ascher

These amazing women are not just successful business owners, but they all highly value their lifestyle, their time, their energy and their family, too.

The 3-Day Workweek Masterclasses will run Monday, March 4 to Friday, March 8, and like I said earlier, they are completely free to attend.

The lessons these brilliant teachers are sharing inside The 3-Day Workweek Masterclasses are the very ones their private clients pay $1,000s even $10,000s for, and they are teaching them to you for free so that you can get the tips and strategies you need to create the life + business of your dreams right now!

If you’re ready to transform from frustrated, under-earning entrepreneur into an abundant business owner you’re going to get so much out of these masterclasses! Woohoo!!!! I can’t wait to share them with you! #gamechanger

Save your FREE seat here.

Hope you’ll join us!

P.S. Want to schedule your success? No more hustling, struggling or waiting -- just a clear, simple plan for success on your terms. The 3-Day Workweek Masterclasses kick-off on March 4th, and they’re totally free. Join us here!

P.P.S. I’m unveiling for the first time ever my proprietary Success Made Simple™ Framework during the masterclasses. This is THE FRAMEWORK you need to create full-time income working part-time hours! Sign up now for access :-) (In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek to get you excited!)

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