Switch from Striving to Satisfied with Shannon Siriano Greenwood

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Today we have an amazing guest who is a good friend of mine, Shannon Siriano Greenwood. Shannon is the founder of Lemon Umbrella which helps small business owners get the support they need to turn their dreams into reality. She is also the founder of RebelCon, a women’s conference centered on Lifestyle Design.

Shannon and I covered a variety of topics in this interview, including:

  • Where her entrepreneurial path began (including the “itch” that changed everything)
  • The power of being intentional with your time and boundaries
  • How Shannon structures her workweek to enjoy 3-day weekends 
  • Her takeaways from organizing a conference in less than 2 months
  • How being a mother has affected her as a business owner
  • The advice she would give to her younger self

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