3 Simple Tricks to Make Full-Time Income with Part-Time Hours

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A lot of women find me because of my 3-day workweek (perhaps that’s how we connected!) and are super curious about exactly how I set up my schedule and business so that I can make a full-time income working part-time hours.

So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

I have a few reliable tricks that have enabled me to create a 6-figure income working less than 20 hours a week, and I want to give you a look at exactly how I do that :-)

If you’re ready for full-time INCOME and part-time HOURS, you’re going to want to read the following very closely because all of what I’m sharing has helped me create my dream life and business and can help you do the same!

Thanks to the tricks I’m sharing below, you’ll discover…

  • The unique way I structure my 3-day workweek so I have plenty of time to work on NEW projects and ideas (and not just constantly be serving my current clients)
  • How I keep focused and avoid “shiny object syndrome”
  • How you, too, can create your dream life + business with full-time income and part-time hours!

These tricks have allowed me to create the life and business of my dreams -- complete with…

  • 3-day workweeks!!!
  • 4-day weekends with my 2 little girls and husband
  • Plenty of time for self-care, yoga and meditation
  • Freedom to travel with my family
  • Regular date nights with my husband
  • Time and money to buy and cook delicious, organic meals
  • A community of amazing women who I love serving
  • 3 amazing support members who make running my business easy and fun
  • Dream clients who are a joy to work with
  • Full-time income
  • Part-time hours <3

If you know that life is about more than trading dollars for hours at a job you hate, if you know deep down that you’re ready to start boldly stepping in the direction of all that you desire for yourself, your family and your business, these tricks that I’m sharing today will help you do just that! 

Get ready, ‘cause here they come :-)

TRICK #1 - A/B Weeks

I run my business on an A/B Week schedule. Let me explain...

I group all my client calls on my A weeks and leave my B weeks wide open for projects, content creation, consultation calls and creating new business (and income!) 

I love this way of formatting my schedule because it gives me plenty of time and space for continually expanding my business, and my clients love it because they have more time to implement all that we’re working on. Win-win!

TRICK #2 - Avoid Shiny Objects

Nothing kills productivity and momentum like running after a “shiny object”. I know you know what I mean. 

But in case you don’t, I’ll paint a little picture (from my own experience!). You’re working towards a goal, you’re making progress, maybe it’s a little slower than you want, you start questioning its viability, you start doubting and worrying, then a new idea presents itself, YES! this is the answer to ALL of your problems. So, you drop the previous project and head off into the sunset with the new idea, but the honeymoon only lasts so long, and the whole cycle repeats itself. No fun.

How do I avoid shiny objects? 

By finishing this one statement and reminding myself of it DAILY. 

Ask yourself...

All roads in my business lead to ___________________________. 
(booking a call with me, joining my free Facebook Group, enrolling in my program, buying my book, purchasing my tripwire product, signing up for a webinar, etc.)

Once you define the ONE THING you’re driving everything to, you’ll have a clear gauge whether a new idea is a distracting shiny object or a great idea leading you further down your intended road.

TRICK #3 - Don’t reinvent the wheel

I am where I am in business and life because I’ve learned from and aligned myself with the best. The best mentors, coaches and support people.

When I encounter a problem, instead of going it alone, I seek out a solution from someone who I know has been through it or from someone who is specialized in helping people through it.

Trust me, this philosophy did not evolve over night. I spent years and years (seriously, nearly a decade!) trying to figure things out on my own, and it didn’t work. I was making practically no money, my business wasn’t working, and I was filled with self-doubt and totally overwhelmed. 

When I finally started investing in myself, I was able to get the support and guidance I needed to create my ideal workweek and build my business up to full-time income and part-time hours. 

Investing in myself allowed me to create my dream life and business because I was finally declaring, “I believe in myself enough to invest in ME!”.

If you’re feeling like now might be the time to invest in YOU, I would love the opportunity to connect and see if I can support you! Fill out this quick form to book a free call with me here, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together at this time.

So there you have it, my top 3 tricks for bringing in a full-time income with flexible, part-time hours. I have no doubt if you start to implement what I’ve shared above, you’ll immediately begin to see (and feel!) a difference.

As you know, knowledge isn’t much without implementation -- so I challenge you to select ONE of the tricks above and try it out. Pick the one that is calling to you. Or the one that feels easiest! There’s no right or wrong. Test it for yourself, and let me know how it goes!

Oh, one last thing...if you’re interested in a customized plan to generate abundant full-time income working part-time hours, I’d love to chat to see if joining forces is the next step for you. I have a couple coaching spots available soon -- perhaps one is meant for you?! Complete this short questionnaire to book a call now.

PssstFull-time income. Part-time hours. Intrigued? Let’s chat!

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