What does it mean to Design Your Life? (and how do you do it?!!)

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I was super fortunate to be raised by parents who taught me from a young age that I was the creator of my life, and as such I could do or be anything I wanted. (Yes. I have pretty awesome parents! Thanks, Mom and Dad!!)

But, despite being told that ever since childhood, I’ve found that it wasn’t until the last few years that I’ve really come to understand on a deep level what that means and what it really looks like. 

I remember watching The Secret for the first time years ago after Oprah introduced it to the world and thinking it all seemed so magical. You simply think about what you want and POOF! there it is!

My understanding of what it truly means to Design Your Life has since matured, and my current take on it is not so much magical as it is practical.

And, that’s what I love teaching to YOU. A practical, step-by-step approach to designing a life and business you love.

I’m going to be 100% real with you....designing your dream life doesn’t happen overnight, but if you consistently move in the direction of what you most desire, your dream life will unfold before you. 

When I first started on my entrepreneurial journey back in 2008, I had a vision for what my life and business could be, despite the fact that at the time I was making practically no money and was completely naive to what it really takes to create success on your terms.

But, day by day, month by month, and year by year I held steadfast to my dream -- a life of ease and abundance (3-day workweeks and 6-figure years!), serving a growing community that I love, plenty of time for family, friends, travel and self-care, living in a beautiful place that I adore, raising happy, healthy children and enjoying lots of date nights with my husband <3

And now, that’s my reality.

Turning my dream into my reality wasn’t magic, and there were a lot of (hard) lessons, “failures” and self-doubt along the way. But now, after taking a look backwards at where I started 10 years ago, it’s pretty darn remarkable. (I encourage you to take a quick look back, and celebrate exactly where you are now on your journey, too!)

As a girl who loves planning, systems and organization, I decided to reverse engineer exactly what I did to get here, and now I want to share that with you. So…

I’ve put together a brand new (totally FREE!) Design Your Life Challenge that will take you step-by-step through the process I use to continually uplevel my life and business, and we’re starting on Monday. Please join us!

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P.S. The brand new Design Your Life Challenge is starting on Monday!!! If you’re ready for 5 days of clear action steps to create wealth, health and happiness in life and business. Click HERE to let me know you’re in!


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