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What are your BIGGEST dreams for your life and business?

The ones that you might be too embarrassed to share publicly because you feel that they are too big, too audacious, too hard to achieve?

Those are the dreams I’m interested in talking about.

Those are the dreams I’m interested in helping you bring into the light.

And, those are the dreams that we chart your course for inside my Six-Figures Made Simple™ Mastermind.

When we give ourselves permission to dream (and dream BIG!), we tap into our limitless potential and creativity. But as long as we’re telling ourselves no, not now, not yet, I’m not ready, we’re cutting ourselves off from our truest self and our best life.

Instead of saying “no” to yourself and your dreams, I want you to instead think “how”.

How can I make this happen?
How can I take one step closer?
How can I make room for this growth?

One of my favorite ladies and my first real business mentor is Marie Forleo. She is known for always saying “everything is figureoutable” (it’s actually the title of her new book coming out this fall!).

Imagine what our lives would look like if we all adopted the mindset that we can figure it out?! No matter what.

We can figure out how to get the clients, make the money, leave the job, go on that retreat, invest in that coach or link up our opt-in with our website :-)

We can figure it out!

We are smart, talented, driven women who manage a hell of a lot on a daily basis, of course we can figure out how to make our dreams happen, too. It’s what we’re built for.

Here are some of the dreams that have become realities for women inside the Six-Figures Made Simple™ Mastermind.

  • Consistent $20,000 months

  • $30,000 clients

  • 3-day workweeks

  • 7x their email list

  • Taking 1 month off to visit family across the country (without it affecting the business!)

  • Landing speaking gigs

  • Buying a new home

  • Getting interviewed popular podcasts

  • Developing their proprietary framework

  • Creating their signature program

  • Planning retreats

  • Leading workshops

When you surround yourself with the spirit of “everything is figureoutable”, dreams become reality.

That is the power of being a part of a mastermind. You not only get the coaching and strategies you need to scale your business to 6-figures, but you also surround yourself with high-vibe women who are literally making their dreams come true.

The path is here for you. The path toward those big dreams. It’s right here with an open invitation. So what do you say?...

The next step is simply to book a call with me, and we’ll make sure the mastermind is a really good fit for you at this time. No pressure. No sales pitch. Just an honest conversation to help you land on the best decision for YOU.

Also, this is officially your LAST CHANCE to join the Six-Figures Made Simple™ Mastermind because we’re kicking things off in a few days. I won’t be emailing you with another invitation after this.

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So, what’s your next move?

I hope that you’re feeling inspired to say YES! to your dreams, and that we’ll be speaking very soon :-)

P.S. This is officially the last call for the Six-Figures Made Simple Mastermind!!! If you’ve been reading these emails from me and dreaming about being a part of this, let’s figure it out together! Book a call with me here.

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