3 Truths No One Tells You About Starting a Yoga Business

in yoga, we're always talking about authenticity and openness. but when it comes to starting a yoga business (or any business for that matter), we're often only given half truths.
now, that's not because people are trying to mislead you -- they just don't want to discourage you, either!
but i know you can handle the truth.
i full-heartedly believe that YOU have what it takes to design your dream life+yoga career. but i also believe that budding entrepreneurs often have unrealistic expectations about how quickly and easily it will be to get their yoga business to take off.

crafting your yoga business -- just like developing a solid, reliable yoga practice -- takes time.

but you know that. you're different.
investing in your business and business education is the very thing that sets you apart from so many others. i know you're different and that you have what it takes because you are here with me, reading these posts and watching my videos.
let me say it again...YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.
you're committed to this process. and because of that, i'm gonna strip away the veil and share 3 truths that no one will tell you when you're first starting a new business.
no one likes the hard truth, but yogis, more than others, recognize that embracing a challenge head-on is much more effective and in-the-end more rewarding than simply ignoring it and hoping it gets easier or goes away.
are you ready? here are 3 yoga biz building truth bombs...

which "truth bomb" rocked your world the most? share it in the comments below.